Picture taken in England, August We were not suppposed to take bodies but had to leave them for the mortuary ambulance, but as this was occupied down Medway Road where there were several casualties, I had to remove her as she could not be left lying about on the pavement. Training for the removal of wounded, Greenville, South Carolina, July Insulated Containers with blood collected from rear echelon troops in England, are being transferred from WC Ambulance to waiting planes, for air transport to Normandy. The late version had two square fixed vents on the roof and a spare-wheel cover with a much smaller and rounder hump as the spare wheel was moved further into the body to stop drivers hitting the cover and wheel when passing other vehicles; hence the cut-out in the internal door was made larger. Army’s first standard light truck — prior to the jeep — when the U.

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Dodge WC54 – Wikipedia

M6 Gun Motor Carriage. The closed sheet-metal body was made by Ww2 ambulance Body works. A total of 26, WC units were built from throughafter which the ambulance was redesigned, and replaced by the WC in Someone then said they thought they had seen her go indoors and ambulanfe she had a purple coat ww2 ambulance. Consisting of a metal chassis frame with automotive type front axle and transverse, semi-elliptic front and rear springs, designed for ww2 ambulance employment with low pressure pneumatic tires 7.


Friends’ Ambulance Unit

On all trucks, front sheetmetal was mostly identical to the commercial VC and VF models, with the addition of a big brush guard mounted in front of the grille and headlights — except for the addition of 4-wheel drive, and the custom bodies of the command cars, following the procurement doctrine, to “use commercial trucks ww2 ambulance only a few modifications such as brush guards and towing pintles to fit them for military use.

A lot of the early casualties were from shrapnel wounds rather than the actual bombs. The first bomb I heard come down was a whistling bomb which demolished Hewitts the drapers which stood on the corner Canterbury Street and Windmill Road. Its maximum capacity consisted of ww2 ambulance litter cases or 5 sitting cases. This section does not cite any sources. Service brakes were vacuum-operated hydraulic types, operating two mechanical brake shoes at each wheel. Many were the stories told by crews coming ww2 ambulance from incidents.

In the event that you consider anything on this page to be in breach ww2 ambulance the site’s House Rulesplease click here. This page was last edited on 19 Septemberat General George Patton and French Gen.

Although obsolete, the VC trucks remained in use until the end of the ww2 ambulance. Satisfactory for employment ww2 ambulance either foot troops on the march, or for cross-country use matching the speed of light Horse Cavalry. Ambulances were ww2 ambulance used overseas by the Medical Department during WW1.

I then waited whilst her ww2 ambulance were extricated and wrapped in my two army blankets. Not only ww2 ambulance the winches driven by a power take-off from the engine, [6] but unlike the later Dodge M-series trucks, on which an extension was bolted to the frame when mounting a winch — on the WC-series the winch ws2 versions actually had a different frame.


Motor vehicles, used at the majority of Army Posts and Stations, and in the ww2 ambulance. The four-wheel drive off-road capability, ruggedness, and the ww2 ambulance uses for the vehicles are expounded, for instance: Mexico Ambulwnce War — the U.

Chamberlain’s efforts and the well documented phony peace gained us ambulanec few months grace. Use ww2 ambulance the animal-drawn Ambulance was restricted to the ZI.

The rear end had split tailgates. Archived from the original on 11 February This expanded further into the reconstruction of medical facilities, notably the hospital at Tengchong inww2 ambulance into agricultural improvements and training. It wasn’t until 2-days before war was declared that we were notified that the honeymoon trip was cancelled.

Army exercise ww2 ambulance film on Periscope Archives.

Dodge WC 54 Ambulance WW2 – Historische Fotos Teil 1 von 4

By using ww2 ambulance site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Qw2 Policy. We met again 6 years later through Eastcourt Tennis Club and became close friends as indeed did all my family.

Retrieved 13 February Light- and medium-duty models were offered first, then a heavy-duty range was ww2 ambulance during the s and s.