Moreover, Vfone services were used in areas where wired-line landline connections are not available, hence not all Vfone customers may switch to PTCL landline numbers. The customer gets a confirmation of the new Package activation. Yes, for Desktop customers, the Free balance would be valid for 60 days, whereas for our SIM customers Free Balance has to be consumed within 5 days of card loading. All such customers who have zero balance in their account and their card validity has not yet expired will NOT be able to make any outgoing calls free calls , SMS or use the internet. PTCL is in hands of some serious chaos. What was the 2nd option?

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Let me be back home, will apply for landline because I suppose that vfone is dead. This is why once prestigious PTCL is soon going to become thing v wireless ptcl past.

Can V wireless ptcl continue to make free Vfone to Vfone calls even if there is no balance in my Vfone account? Except money they have got nothing. What if my set becomes faulty? VPCO is like an ordinary V set having payphone functionality.

What do I do if the battery of the set is not charging properly? What v wireless ptcl I get a new connection and my connection is inactive for 45 days? Pathetic Telecom company limited.


Not sure the need to retract the service from Rural places though. No, there is no line rent for these VPCOs. What if I have balance in my account and my account moves to Temporarily Out of v wireless ptcl state? TheFWP offers both indoor as well as outdoor antenna options suiting exact location needs.

No, the charging plans for making other calls remain the same as indicated v wireless ptcl the packages. For this purpose the customer has to buy special call centre setup hardware and software required from Comcept, making sure to use the compatible model of FWP.

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Sounds like a load of bull to me. The internet speed on v.

What is Temporary out of service TOS state? It is a pre-paid connection. Does the Free balance have any expiry limit?


All new and existing customers can change their Package by dialing and pressing 3 in the main menu. Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.

Are there v wireless ptcl changes in the call rates besides SCO rates? Is the Package Change Temporary does vv expire or permanent? As a new customer, what sort of bonus incentive does Vfone offer me? Just confirmed from their helpline.


PTCL Vfone

Accidental cuts and damage to fibre optic cables occasionally disrupts PTCL services. Pursuing a progressive policy, the Government inannounced its plans to privatize PTCL, and in issued six million vouchers exchangeable into million shares of the would-be PTCL in two separate placements.

Moreover, Vfone services were used in areas where wired-line landline connections are not available, hence not all Vfone customers may switch to PTCL landline numbers.

Thank you proving again and again, how unreliable you are. Utha lien to bakwas khatam nahi hoti kay or muzzaz sarif ki marne mien masroof thay. Once you have v wireless ptcl a new Package it will not be changed unless you change it. What if I over scratch my prepaid card? They placed illiterate people mostly Arabs on top management of PTCL on a very v wireless ptcl establishment cost and looted Pakistani wealth.

Ashar Iqbal can explain the reason for V wireless ptcl. Vfone is based v wireless ptcl wireless local loop technology which offers limited movement within premises.