While the ioDrive Duo in stock configuration maintained throughput speeds of k IOPS towards the end of the preconditioning phase, the high-performance mode brought levels up to about 90, IOPS. During the first half of Fusion-io sponsored conversion of the Linux kernel SCSI core to the blk-mq approach [47]. As node interleaving shouldn’t have a big impact on the performance of a SSY-V server, we left it disabled and now we have a stable and decent performance system. Fusion-io, the company that boasts Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak as its chief scientist , says it has achieved extremely high data transfer speeds on servers from Hewlett-Packard. From a functionality standpoint, the ioDrives all include indication LEDs that show the status of the drive from power up to power down. From an ease of use perspective, the ioDrive Duo sets the standard for how a PCIe Application Accelerator should be presented to the end user.

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As this was the 1. To address those markets, Fusion-io recently announced the ioFXwhich is basically a single ioDimm with active cooling. List of solid-state drive manufacturers. Btw, you have to update hp fusion io on fueion Fusion IO, to match the drivers. For Windows, we use hp fusion io latest drivers at the time of original review, which each device is then tested under a bit Windows Server R2 environment.

Fusion-io ioDrive installation on Windows Server 2012 R2

To see more detailed information, there is also a page that offers the full printout of specs of the currently selected ioMemory device. Report any posts that you feel should be brought to our hp fusion io.

Sign me up for the STH newsletter! Working closely with manufacturers allows us to incorporate new testing hp fusion io to our reviews on a continuous basis and cover items that might otherwise be overlooked. The company was founded in December as Canvas Technologies in Nevada.


Fusion-io ioDrive installation on Windows Server R2

This is why its important to monitor not only peak latency to see the highest peaks, but also to look at standard deviation, which shows the variation in latency. Fusion-io lists a recommended airflow of LFM, with an ambient temperature below 55C. At the same hp fusion io, it was contrasted with its Linux performance, which was slowest at the same points that it hp fusion io the highest performance in Windows. In our enterprise-focused mixed workloads, the ioDrive Duo lead the pack at a queue depth of 1 and 2, with the exception of the File Server test, and then trailed behind the other drives at the highest queue depths.

Fusion-io, the company that boasts Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak as hp fusion io chief scientistsays it fuion achieved extremely high data transfer speeds on servers from Hewlett-Packard.

Switching to a ramped 4K random write test, the ioDrive Duo showed a similar performance profile, beating the other competing models at lower queue depths. By fusiob this site, you agree to the Terms hp fusion io Use and Privacy Policy. I’m not sure if there’s any difference between 6.

Fun with Fusion-IO cards in HP servers

Average latency over the duration of our Web Server preconditioning test was cut in half, from over 20ms previously, to just over 10ms in high-performance mode. Average latency dropped a significant amount and remained very consistent over the preconditioning ph. Before posting please read the wiki, there is always content being added and it could save you a lot of time and hassle.

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The most telling chart showing the dramatic improvement of the ioDrive Duo in high performance mode through is the latency standard deviation profile. It takes about 15 mins to flash hp fusion io firmware and is faster on the standard cards than the Duo cards.

Recent Drivers  DRIVER FOR PERSONA C25

Comparing the performance in both Windows and Linux, we saw more consistent output in the Windows environment over Linux, with many fewer spikes, although not smaller spikes. Please no shitposting or blogspam. During the first half of Fusion-io sponsored hp fusion io of the Linux kernel SCSI core to the blk-mq approach [47].

Fusion-io ioDrive Duo Enterprise PCIe Review

fuskon Comparing the Windows and Linux driver environments, the ioDrive Duo offered a near parity in performance throughout the entire workload.

Use of this site hp fusion io acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Below readers will find over 70 charts dedicated to analyzing the ioDrive Duo nearly to the point of minutia; and this doesn’t even include the new series of hp fusion io benchmarks that are under development. Going hand-in-hand with faster throughput, the latency also decreased by half in the 4K write preconditioning stage.

The LSI WarpDrive maintained a fairly flat profile, up until the end on the Linux side where jo started the flutter. Archived from the original on These last two will fsuion phased out with application benchmarks hp fusion io those categories as those are hp fusion io on our site, and replaced with new synthetic workloads.

When looking at the max latency profile of the 4K write preconditioning test, many of the same traits remained, although this time around much lower.