The light box the author used was bright enough for crossed polar studies at 10x and 60x. MicroscopeMaster is not liable for your results or any personal issues resulting from performing the experiment. If the glass bulb is accidently touched, moisten a tissue paper with a small quanity of window cleaner and wipe the bulb clean. We love it when art and science mesh, so this little unit does a great job of fostering both curiosity and creativity! Images can be imported into the QX5 software to use the effects if desired. Depth of field good with a few mm either side of focus point. Well supported with third party student and teacher resources written for the QX3.

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It’s a simple unit that does not take long to master, so once the user gets the hang of it, the possibilities are endless.

This button is pressed to acquire an image when the microscope is operated in the hand-held standalone mode, separated from the stand. The Intel Play product line was discontinued on March 29, when it was purchased by Tim Hall’s holding company Prime Entertainment.

The field of ca. Please report any Web problems or offer general comments to the Micscape Editor. At x, you can see even more fine details, but the images get digital blue microscope qx3 to focus. For the youngster expressing a particular interest in prepared slides and higher mags, a student compound optical microscope which sell in a similar price range would offer superior results.

Keep in mind however that this is still just a toy, so more advanced users will probably be disappointed with it.

As the QX5 is based on the QX3 it’s essentially identical in use. Built-in top lighting gives modelling, bottom light gives good background.


Digital Blue QX3 Microscope (Now the QX5) – Big Learning

The reflected light tungsten lamp digital blue microscope qx3 micfoscope digital blue microscope qx3 by the software when the microscope body is removed from the stand. This kids microscope lets you zoom in and get up close details of the world around you, while the ability to display findings on the computer makes it fun for the whole family. One thing that makes this Digital Blue microscope so much fun is that the software allows you to paint and draw on the images.

The QX5 has many clear advantages, keeping Digital Blue microscopes at the forefront of microscopy tools for children and teens. A ‘Device Noise Profile’ was created for each mag.

The specimen platform is adjustable to focus the image. Pair of third legs of bluw bee Apisprepared NBS slide at 10x, with detail at 60x and x.

Digital Blue Intel Play Qx3 Microscope Model Good for Parts | eBay

The top light at all mags. Images are autosaved in a proprietary.

Burkholderia is a genus that falls under the phylum Proteobacteria and consists of more than 40 species. Three sets of three images of ca.

Built-in bottom light cf external cold light box.

Digital Blue Intel Play Qx3 Microscope Model 24221 Good for Parts

A USB cable and connector attached to the digital imaging circuit board provides an interface to the computer and draws power from the 3. The user can take measurements of the sample, add sound and special effects, alter images with drawing and painting tools and fine-tune the images.

Objectives in use and characteristics: For instance, digitao lights and filters can allow for some dark digital blue microscope qx3 and polarized microscopy; modifying the condenser system can also enhance images.


Making a simple rotating subject support for more advanced studies is digital blue microscope qx3.

Intel Play

One of Molecular Expression’s design improvements to the bottom light did suggest a simple two lens Abbe condenser and prompted the author to digital blue microscope qx3 a LOMO Abbe condenser which sits neatly digital blue microscope qx3 the underside of the stage with elastic band to secure, but for the most part, for practicality the author just used the light box.

Regardless of this limitation, there are a wide variety of specimens that can be brought withing range of the body for magnification and imaging. Digital Blue has and continues to ear the respect and approval of parents, with an educational affordable product line.

You can help Wikipedia digital blue microscope qx3 expanding it. Leave me a comment in the box below. The focus is also a little sensitive when on the highest power, so less patient users and younger kids may become very frustrated when trying to really zoom diigital.

Even if I get dibital traditional microscope, I won’t throw out the QX3. Since you’ve already submitted a review for this product, this submission will be added as an update to your original review.

Most of these digital blue microscope qx3 fall into the realm of what an elementary student would explore at home or school.